So what's new or tricky in eZ Publish 4.0?

Saturday, 15 December 2007, 22:32
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eZ Publish 4 autoload generation (requires eZ Components installed)

eZ Publish 4 uses the PHP-5 autoload feature to load classes, which means that when new classes are introduced to the system, the autoload arrays need to be updated. There are several situations when a user might want to regenerate the autoload-arrays:

  1. After upgrading eZ Publish, to recognise new classes in the eZ Publish kernel
  2. When adding a new extension to the site, to make its classes available to eZ Publish.

Two methods of autoload regeneration are provided: a command-line version and through the Administration Interface (for example in the Setup/Extensions).

Other technical changes/issues:
  • It is no longer possible to include template files from the override directory directly, and also override templates are only searched for within override directories. Details/background:
  • Code has generally been cleaned up, several constants were moved to suitable classes. This may be one of the key problems with extension's port to 4.0.
  • Static class functions are now marked as static and some clean up where necessary on class functions that worked both as static and as member.
  • Some methods where renamed to comply with PHP5 naming rules.
Deprecated features in eZ Publish 4

Certain features have been deprecated. These will gradually be removed in a future release, when better replacements are ready.

Deprecated datatypes:

  • Enum (upgrade script available)
  • Ini setting
  • Subtree-subscription
  • Multi-option (replaced with Multi-option2 in 3.10)
  • Package

Deprecated views:

  • PDF view
  • PDF export
  • Global settings
  • kernel/form

Deprecated kernel libraries:

  • ezxml
  • kernel/common/ezoverride.php


  • Przemek Niemczuk
    Sunday, 1 February 2009, 15:06

    Nowy ez ver. 4.0

    Pozwolę sobie pisać po polsku.

    Zainstalowałem nową wersję ezpublish, ale nie wiem czy wynika to z tego, że działam na czy też z błędów samego ezpublish

    Mianowicie ciągle mam błędy, jak nie w uprawnieniach użytkowników, to znowu nie wyświetla mi jak należy plików swf pod Firefoxem. Brak mi już pomysłów, a wsparcia polskiego niestety brak. Może tu znajdę rozwiązanie swoich problemów?


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