User-readable cache-block identifiers

Saturday, 10 May 2008, 14:18
Categories: Random thoughts
Tags: cache, cache-block, enhancement, id, eZ cache, identifier

Just as I'm struggling with cache optimization for one of the current projects, I discovered that it would be great if cache-block functionality had one more parameter - a user-defined and user-readable identifier. Being able to clear all the cache by calling this identifier would be a great enhancement. It would be enough if it was implemented at eZ API level, so that users were able to create their own actions (views) to handle it. This would be especially benefitial for caching of custom modules and views, outside content and content tree itself.

Life example: Imagine expensive custom views that require couple of hundreds of SQL queries per view or view/param combination, and can be accessed/managed by a) the owner (of something), b) all other users. Now, leaving these views uncached would be suicidal, and cache-blocks would be quite handy, and there would be only two cache blocks per view (since you either are the owner or not). Now, the additional expectation is that the owner will always have his view up-to-date, which means we can't really cache it for him. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a button named "Refresh my view", which would cause one particular cache-block (or cache block group) be cleared? In that way, we could cache the owner's view as well, making it possible to let a manual clear only when needed ;)


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