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Installing eZ Publish 4.0 on servers

Sunday, 24 February 2008, 19:49
Categories: Hosting
Tags: eZ Publish hosting, shared hosting,, FreeBSD, installation, organization, PHP is Poland's largest hosting provider. Despite the fact that they do not have eZ Publish-dedicated services and their machines do not exactly match its standard requirements (FreeBSD, PHP in CGI mode), it is possible to successfully deploy eZ 4.0 installation in their shared hosting environment. Since many people seem to have problems getting through the installation wizard, here's some tips.


Put the files in a subdirectory and use the subserver functionality (in other words: point the domain to that subdirectory). This is not only because of some possible namespace conflicts (0:/bin is reserved by the system), but also for good organization and easy management. Since a subserver cannot reach above its own root, remember to create a /tmp dir for any temporary files.

Wizard problems

If you try to install version 4.0 from scratch, you may encounter some early problems. This is due to the fact that some systems functions are called during setup tests that cannot handle an error in this environment (which is FreeBSD-like by the way). You can easily cope with that by simply commenting out a line in /kernel/setup/ezsetuptests.php:

$ginfo = posix_getgrgid( posix_getgid() ); // around line 593

This is practically never used again, so don't worry, you may revert the changes after installation, or even leave it like that.


For a number of reasons, this hosting will only serve a number of use scenarios. The major problem is a script-like CRON, which works on PHP rights, which means it has the same limitations. It will be impossible to safely run large, exhausting notifications or maintenance scripts... Lack of CLI makes it even harder, and can only be partially compensated by enabled system() PHP function. Still, with a little practice it is possible to tame it, especially with servers' above-average efficiency.

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