SELF OverLib - eZ Publish JavaScript overLIB library integration

Tuesday, 24 June 2008, 11:44
Categories: Extensions
Tags: OverLib, JavaScript, integration, template operator

This extension integrates a popular OverLib JavaScript library with eZ Publish. Beside providing a simple template operator for automated generation of OverLib instances, it introduces a fallback configuration architecture for even easier and flexible use. It is possible to use pre-configurable presets, ad-hoc configurated calls as well as any combination of the two approaches.


For each OverLib instance, a JavaScript code must be generated within HTML document that requires a number of paramter variables to be passed. Those variables control what text/content will be displayed, how the window will behave, what it will look like, will it be sticky, and so on. There are several problems with literally defining this JavaScript code in the templates:
- It is not easy to deal with special characters and escape strings, especially in the eZ template language,
- Static JavaScript code is not flexible in case of any future changes, especially across big projects.

To cope with those problems, a simple template operator is introduced. The operator automatically deals with any special chars that could destroy JavaScript code. It is also configurable by means of presets. Any number of presets can be defined and each preset can define any combination of OverLib settings.

To ensure that overlib gets always generated properly and the JavaScript has every variable required, a setting fallback system is introduced. The following priority is used to determine the values of OverLib parameters:
1) Ad-hoc declarations (within the template itself, when using the operator),
2) Preset declarations (if a preset was declared and used)
3) Default system values.
Any combination and order of parameters can be used.

Note: Please read the selfoverlib.ini configuration file for further details.
Note: Find out more about OverLib library at


{* This is an adhoc declaration, it has no pre-configured settings, *}
{* all the paramters that are not declared will have default OverLib values. *}
'html_value', 'THIS IS THE ANCHOR',
'width', '225',
{* This is a preset-based declaration. You do not have to define anything *}
{* except for the preset and the content. *}
'preset', 'admindefault',
'caption', 'Help: how to use it?',
'content', 'It order to use this functionality, you must...',

Read doc/readme.txt for further details.

This extension is available at:


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