January 2008

Busy 2008...

Thursday, 31 January 2008, 03:35
Categories: Miscellaneous
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Didn't get much time to write this month... Projects, international partner meeting, certification... Seems like 2008 is even more busy. Some big projects running, some more and bigger coming up, our little team is growing. It's good that February will at least be a bit longer this year ;)

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eZ User Create Limit

Thursday, 31 January 2008, 03:28
Categories: Extensions
Tags: extension, class, administration

Some time ago I started to develop a simple extension that would provide some sort of control over what users can do in terms of creating objects of given classes. This is mostly due to the fact that eZ Publish access control system only provides qualitative rules (and no quantitative ones).

The extension introduces a datatype that doesn't validate if user is trying to go beyond one's defined limits, and couple of template operators that can help produce functional templates (for example hide a NewButton if it should not be visible in the first place).

This is the first extension I wrote that actually extends into administration interface tabs and has it's administrative views. This way two levels of limit assignments were possible to introduce. First, a detailed configuration in the ini file for defining default limit values for particular classes or users. Second, advanced filtered operations on the actual limits. For example, it is possible to stop particular user from creating any more objects (for example comments) at any point in time, without affecting any other users or this particular user's other create capabilities.

You can download it form:

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Finally a certified eZ Publish developer...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 07:19
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: certification, ez developer, developer, exam, ez certification

Back after a while of silence... lot's of projects, meetings, trips in the meantime...

But I am happy to share the good news - I have finally passed an eZ Publish developer certification with 80% correct answers (including a broken one!). Not that I have tried before, first take - first passed. Not as big challenge as I had expected, still requires proficiency in pretty much every single area that a developer should be aware of, so I was glad I had reviewed some general topics the day before ;) Few ambiguous or debatable questions, but I can't actually say if I've got them right or not - maybe they were not that ambiguous after all. Majority of questions - straightforward and clear.

And the link: http://ez.no/certification/verify/222415

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