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eZ Unique Datatypes for avoiding doubles (and forcing uniqueness ;)

Friday, 21 December 2007, 22:00
Categories: Extensions
Tags: eZ Unique Datatypes, datatype, eZ Publish extension

This is a collection of common datatypes whose validation has been extended so to verify their uniqueness within given content object attribute. Otherwise, these datatypes behave exactly as their prototypes.

Currently there are two datatypes provided:
- Unique string (based on Text line system datatype),
- Unique URL (based on URL system datatype).

Use these if you want to make sure that a given attribute of a given class never accepts/stores two identical values.

Note: uniqueness is validated globally, which means it will not skip content objects that are drafts, in trash, or unpublished versions! However, multiple versions of the same content object may store the same value (in fact, it would not work otherwise).

Note: uniqueness is validated within the same attribute only, which means that if you use the datatype in two different classes, it will become two independent attributes resulting in two independent uniqueness sets! This may be changed/enhanced in the future.

You can download it form:

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My tag cloud acts weird...

Friday, 21 December 2007, 21:54
Categories: Random thoughts
Tags: tag cloud, tags

I've just noticed that my tag cloud (on the right) changes itself from time to time, even if no new content has been published... This is weird, I'll have to log it ;)

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eZ Vote Collector - my first eZ Publish extension

Thursday, 20 December 2007, 20:34
Categories: Extensions
Tags: poll, grade, extension

So it's time to touch what I've been sleeping with over last few weeks. Ever since I begun to understand what's under the hood of eZ, I've seen so many possibilities and also... so many things that still have to be done ;)

At this point eZ Publish 4.0 is I'm focusing at, and that's for a number of reasons. First, upcoming hosting problems. Second, lack of extensions ready for this version out there yet. Third, luckily I have the comfort of not having to stick with PHP4 for much longer (at least with current and upcoming projects), and can choose PHP5 instead.

eZ Vote Collector

This is my first extension ever. It hasn't been used in a production environment so far, but is a candidate for a number of projects already.

eZ Vote Collector is an eZ Publish extension which provides a collection of tools that can facilitate collecting and accessing simple one-dimensional user input. It is mostly appropriate for polls, grading, checklists, single question answers.

In some ways it resembles eZ Publish information collection tools. Although it is considerably less complex and universal, it provides some useful and flexible options, that eZ mechanisms seem to lack. Above all, it makes it possible to define valid value range and user timeouts based on object class.

eZ Vote Collector is not an out-of-the-box poll or grading solution, although some templates and packages are planned to be delivered in the following versions. Nevertheless, it should be very easy to implement and use.

And yes, this is for eZ Publish 4.0+, not exactly backward compatible.

You can download this extension from here:

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eZ Components 2007.2 released!

Monday, 17 December 2007, 19:23
Categories: eZ Components
Tags: eZ Componentes, tree, WebDAV

Introducing two new components: Tree and Webdav.

The Tree component enables to create, manipulate and query tree structures, with several back-ends available, each with different performance-related properties. Two tie-ins are available for this extension: TreeDatabaseTiein for storing tree structures in a database (which is recommended at this point) and TreePersistentObjectTiein.

The Webdav component brings easy setup if a WebDAV-enabled HTTP server, which results in users' ability to create and edit site content by uploading and downloading files to and from their desktop. The current implementation is compatible with RFC 2518. It also supports clients that do not conform to the standard and provides an interface to support these clients. This component does not have any other dependencies besides PHP (and the required extensions), nor does it require any Apache modules.

For both PHP 5.2.1 or higher is required.

This release also brings some changes, mainly to Cache, EventLog, Graph, and more.

Full details: http://ezcomponents.org/resources/news/news-2007-12-17

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eZ Publish using eZ Components in shared hosting environment

Sunday, 16 December 2007, 22:02
Categories: eZ Components
Tags: eZ Publish 4.0, eZ Components, eZ Publish hosting, shared hosting

There's a completely non-invasive method of making eZ Components available for eZ Publish installation, which would be especially useful in shared hosting environment, where custom server changes are not allowed or possible. Simply place your eZ Components bundle wherever that eZ Publish'es PHP can reach. Then create a config.php file on the eZ installation's root, and set additional include paths for PHP:

$ezcSharedHostingPath = './ezc/';
ini_set( 'include_path', ini_get( 'include_path' ). ':'.$ezcSharedHostingPath );

Just adjust the path matching your environment, and that's it. eZ 4 already knows that it should look for it.

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